Thursday, March 17, 2011

pirate ship bedroom

As kids, one of the movies my siblings and I could always agree to watch together was the musical  adaptation of Peter Pan, starring Mary Martin. When we got older, we were obsessed with the Robin Williams film Hook. Although none of us ever cared much for the Disney version, Peter Pan was one of those stories that always fascinated us. We loved the tree houses where the Lost Boys lived, the daring rescue of Tiger Lily, and of course, the villainous Captain Hook. While I hadn't thought about these films in years, coming across this pirate ship bedroom on design milk, from Kuhl Design Build, brought all of those memories back. Can you imagine how much fun it would be to have had this as your bedroom when you were a kid?

In addition to the obviously incredible ship itself, some of the other amazing features of this room include a rope bride that connects the jail cell to the ship itself, crow's nest, and a knotted rope that can be climbed for easy access between the closet and helm.

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