Thursday, March 24, 2011

life is too short for the wrong job

Berlin-based Scholz & Friends' advertising campaign for jobsintown, a German employment website, is absolutely brilliant. Featuring human workers powering everyday machines, it's a very clever idea that perfectly matches the jobsintown slogan of "life is too short for the wrong job."

And while I don't understand German, the television spot that was created as part of this campaign, which features a fisherman whose true vocation lies elsewhere, is pretty great as well.

(Via designboom)

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  1. I don't understand German either, but that ad is fantastic. My favourite one is the guy in the cigarette machine though, I know that look on his face so well. That's the "I really want to make a sarcastic remark but I'm one sarcastic remark away from a straight sacking" look.

    But that slogan really is true, life IS too short for the wrong job. And by the "wrong" job, I mean a job in which you are deeply unhappy. There's "imperfect" and then there's "wrong". No-one should ever have to settle for "wrong" but most will have to accept "imperfect" and most do. The graduate jobs market is tough and that means that many may well have to work a few jobs that weren't exactly what they had in mind. That doesn't mean that they're useless or a waste of your time. There aren't many jobs that won't force you to learn a new skill or to hone the ones you already have. These things may serve you well while you're looking for your dream job.

    The way I see it is that dreams aren't realised in a day. Often, there's plenty of sweat, blood and tears, not to mention a few "imperfect" jobs thrown into the mix leading up to that moment.


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