Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rachel Perry Welty

When I first saw the above image, I was convinced it was a painting. A long-lost Klimt, perhaps. Of course, it turns out that I was not even close. It's actually a photograph entitled Lost in my life (fruit stickers), by artist Rachel Perry Welty. Welty has not only created a series of environments from items that she's accumulated, but who has then inserted herself into and photographed the result.

 Lost in my life (Price tags)

 Lost in my life (take-out)

 Lost in my life (bread tags)

Lost in my life (twist ties)

Yes, Welty is making a statement about personal identity, consumerism and spending habits, but she does so in a manner that is as inventive as it is eye catching. Such a stunning use of layered texture, color and patterns.

(Images courtesy of Barbara Krakow Gallery, Boston, Yancey Richardson Gallery, NY and the artist, via Design For Mankind and My Modern Met)

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