Friday, January 14, 2011

free flowers for friday

I had the very welcome surprise of winning Saipua's free flowers for friday giveaway this week, and this is the stunning arrangement that showed up at my office this afternoon. Aren't they gorgeous? They smell amazing as well. Unfortunately, I had to take these pics on my phone, which is why they're slightly blurry and you can see parts of my office in the background, but trust me when I tell you that yes, they are as beautiful as these suggest. It's no secret that Saipua's been my favorite source of soap in town for a while now, but until today, I've had to be content with admiring Sarah's beautiful arrangements from afar (aka, in the store and from the great images she's always posting on the blog). A huge thank you to both Sarah and Eric for owning such an amazing business, making wonderful products and being awesome enough to give away free flowers just because it's Friday.

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