Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2011 calendars: part 6

Hold on to your hats everyone! This here is the last calendar post of the year! If you haven't found that perfect calendar to mark the days through 2011 yet, well then, maybe this week will show you the light. Part 6 features quotable wooden calendars, woodblocked livestock, growth-inspired illustrations, and both the sun and the moon.

What better way to be reminded to make the best of each day than with a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson? I've shown you calendars printed on all types of paper, and fabric, too, but Spread The Love's is the first wooden one that I've come across. But if a wooden calendar isn't your thing, this pretty folk art-inspired work of art is also available as a print.

Which leads us very nicely into our next 2011 calender, by BirdDog Press: "Each month will bring to life a combination of function and beauty – a month of days, the phases of the moon, a heritage breed, an heirloom crop, a feedsack inspired pattern – handprinted on an antique letterpress on sustainable bamboo paper.With each turn of the page, the illustration becomes a frame-worthy 5×7 letterpress print to keep."

Two Dot Two's work is pretty new to me, but I absolutely adore their interesting range of illustrations, photography and furniture. And I am especially smitten with their 2011 poster calendar. Created from an original drawing done in graphite, Chinese ink and acrylic, it's a lovely reminder of the ways in which we grow and evolve throughout the year.

Here's another poster calendar, but of a different sort. Caitlin Keegan's circular sun calendar not only helps you keep track of the days, but each month includes space to write important dates. Best of all? The sun's face is bi-directional, meaning that the calendar can be flipped mid-year, allowing for different months to be featured. And from the sun,

to the moon, with Alex Thibodeau's beautiful 2011 letterpress lunar calendar. This incredible, intricately-illustrated calendar showcases an entire year's worth of moon phase. And yes, as any good lunar calendar should, this baby glows in the dark.

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