Thursday, November 11, 2010

the thing quarterly

This past Sunday, Patrick and I braved the crowds and the marathon to visit the NY Art Book Fair at MoMA PS1. Now, I don't know if any of you have ever been, but I was not expecting the over 200 booths and massive amounts of people who packed themselves into the museum for this. There was so much great stuff to see, but it was also a bit overwhelming, and that's why I'm only sharing this one thing - THE THING Quarterly, to be exact - with all of you today.

So as you might have guessed, THE THING is not your typical quarterly:
THE THING Quarterly is a periodical in the form of an object. Each year, four artists, writers, musicians or filmmakers are invited by the editors (Jonn Herschend and Will Rogan) to create a useful object that somehow incorporates text. This object will be reproduced and hand wrapped at a wrapping party and then mailed to the homes of the subscribers with the help of the United States Postal Service. THE THING’s current year of subscriptions (issues 12-15) will begin with an issue by the clothing design collaborative DOO.RI, and end with an issue by Shannon Ebner.
I know, it's a pretty great idea, and as you can see with the above images, there's been quite the interesting range of objects by some pretty incredible people represented so far. To see all of the quarterlies, purchase back issues and subscribe, check out THE THING's website.

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