Wednesday, November 24, 2010

2011 calendars: part 4

I hope you're all excited, because I have another great calendar post for all of you today. This one features an expat's watercolor views of England, seasonal produce, songwriters and their lyrics, pretty botanicals, and a circular overview of the year.

Eireann's "Daylight Savings: An Observer's Year in England" calendar is filled with drawings and writings based on her experience of being an foreigner in England. There are deckchairs and English fashion, poppies blooming, chimney pots on grey afternoons, the architecture of a favorite railway station, and much more.

With its beautiful array of produce, redcruiser's 2011 calendar is bound to make you hungry. Featuring an array of garden/market fruits and vegetables, you'll always know what's in season.

I'm always impressed by artists who create one calendar, but The Wild Unknown has gone even further and created 4. Not only do you have gorgeous drawings of feathers and hawks and bunnies to choose from, but there are also some of the best lyrics ever and songwriters as well.

Oh botanicals, I will always have a soft sport in my heart for you, and Amy Marcella's 2011 wall calender contains an especially lovely assortment.

The All Year Round Calendar takes a very different way of visualising time than traditional calendars, featuring a circular overview of the year, months, weeks, days, hours, summertime with longer days, wintertime with shorter days, and seasons by colour.

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