Thursday, September 2, 2010

wedding stationary - rifle paper co.

Before we had decided on a location, before we had even decided on a date, the very first decision that was made about our wedding was the stationary. I have been a fan of the talented Anna Bond, of Rifle Paper Co., and her beautiful personalized wedding invitations, for a while. Patrick and I agreed that Rifle was, without a doubt, our first choice to create our wedding stationary. Lucky for us, even though this season was especially crazy for Anna, she agreed to work with us to create our invites, programs and thank you cards.

About our invites: first, just let me say that I do not take pictures well. I'm not sure why this is, but unless it's a totally candid shot, I always look ridiculous in photographs. We liked the idea of a wedding portrait, but the reality was that neither of us actually wanted to take one. Instead, we decided that our invites would take care of this for us. In addition to capturing the feeling of our New York City wedding at the aptly named Park Restaurant, Anna illustrated us into the invites as well. Yes, that is actually what my dress looked like.

And how awesome are these program fans? As the wedding was at the end of June, we knew that it was definitely going to be hot out, we just couldn't have anticipated how hot. I'm taking steamy here, folks. While there was an air conditioned room for people to cool off in, the majority of the wedding took place in the restaurant's park-like, garden space. Let's just say that the fans were a lifesaver.
And finally, the thank you cards. Don't they just compliment the programs and invite perfectly?

So many thanks are due to Anna and the whole Rifle team, who created a beautiful set of stationary that we absolutely love, which turned out even better than we could have hoped.


  1. Hi!! I love your wedding stationary!! I love Anna's illustrations and searched through some Google images to see how her "Sarah" looked. I've never seen any type of pricing online though...can I ask, how much all of this cost?

  2. Thanks commenting, Sarah! As I'm sure you would imagine, custom designed anything is always going to cost more than an already set collection would, but the first step is always to ask. I'm sure that that if you send Anna an email inquiring about prices (you can find contact information of Rifle's website), she'd be happy to send you her catalog and price list. It's been over 2 1/2 years since I first inquired, however, and I'm sure that things like pricing and availability have changed at least somewhat, and I wouldn't want to put any inaccurate information out there. Sorry I can't be of more help, but I will say that the entire experience was wonderful, and that I'd recommend Rifle's products to anyone!


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