Monday, September 6, 2010


Have you ever stayed at a hotel where the only place to put your toothbrush down was a Styrofoam cup that was too light to actually serve as a toothbrush holder? You get it balanced just right, but it inevitably ends up falling in the sink or - ick - on the floor. Well, if you're like me and this is one of those little things that drives you crazy, you're in luck because product and industrial designer Harc Lee seems to have brilliantly solved this annoyance with DEWS, a toothbrush with a weight in its rounded handle. Not only does this mean that when you set this toothbrush down, it sways momentarily until it balances upright (weebles, anyone?), but the extra weight and ergonomic shape of the handle allows for more comfortable brushing.
(Via swissmiss)

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