Monday, August 9, 2010

pop-up place cards

I thought that today, as a change from all of the pictures of Japan, I'd share with all of you one of my favorite things from the wedding itself. I had asked my sister, Melissa, who took a pop-up and movables class in 2009, if she would be able to put her newly-acquired skills to work making place cards. I wasn't sure what she'd come up with, but I'm happy to say that they came out even better than I could have ever hoped. Going with the gardeny theme of the restaurant where we had our wedding, we liked the idea of incorporating flowers into the design.

Each card was painted with the stem and leaves of a flower on the front, with the guest's names written on one of the leaves. Then there's that tab sticking out of the bottom. Pull down and...

Out pops the blossoms of the flower, complete with hanging table-number tag! Isn't that amazing? I couldn't believe how cool these were either when I first saw them.

And on the back, incorporated into the pull-tab, is a heart with our names and wedding date.

Thanks again, Melissa! Best. Sister. Ever.

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