Thursday, July 15, 2010


Did you know that Google Reader tops out at 1,000 posts? Anything over 1,000 just shows up as 1,000+, which after 2 weeks away, is what I'm currently looking at. Because I follow so many different blogs, making use of a reader, a centralized place that keeps track of all the blogs I'm following and which has an amazing search feature, is a fantastic help. I do like to remind myself to click over to each actual blog every so often to check out the features, other than the posts themselves, which aren't listed in the reader, but overall, it's really an amazing tool that I'm very happy with. The many different blogs that I follow are such a huge source of inspiration for me and I love reading through them, but usually, I'm only looking at about 60 or so posts a day, many of which are very image heavy. I've never been faced with so many posts all at once, but am excited, as well as just the tiniest bit daunted, to go through them all. 1,000+. Sigh.

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