Wednesday, July 14, 2010

marriage, jet lag and getting back to real life

Hey friends! Well, I'm finally back from getting married and then traipsing around Japan for two weeks, and man is that jet lag messing with me. We left Japan on July 13th at 4:30PM and arrived back in NY half an hour before we left, at 4:00PM, also on July 13th. Isn't that awesome? It's kind of confusing though, especially since there's a 13 hour time difference to contend with, but here I am, as promised, back to blogging.

Here we are at Koyomizu-dera, a beautiful temple in the Southern Higashiyama region of Kyoto. And trust me when I say that there are many more photos where that came from. It's going to take a little while for me to sort through everything, but I promise to share the details of our amazing trip with all of you once I get back into the swing of good old Eastern Standard Time.

And yes, that's us, having a blast at our wedding. More to come, I promise.

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