Monday, June 21, 2010

Luke Jerram - Infectious Beauty

Glass Microbiology. Image courtesy of Luke Jerram.

Avian Flu

E Coli

Swine Flu
Untitled Future Mutation
Beautiful glass sculptures of viruses from Luke Jerram's glass microbiology series, on view now through June 26 in Infectious Beauty at the Heller Gallery. While viruses may seem like an odd choice of subject matter, Jerram, who is an inventor, researcher, amateur scientist and multi-disciplinary artist, designed these transparent glass sculptures as a way to contemplate the global impact of infectious disease through the visualization of a virus. Designed in consultation with virologist Dr. Andrew Davidson at the University of Bristol and made in collaboration with a team of scientific glassblowers, these sculptures are meant to reveal the unusual beauty inherent in these dangerous diseases.
(Except where otherwise stated, all images courtesy of the Heller Gallery)

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