Tuesday, June 8, 2010

eleven heavy things

Eleven Heavy Things poster. Courtesy of Deitch Projects.

Just one more fun thing to add to my already long list of fun things to check out around the city this summer is the exhibition of Miranda July's Eleven Heavy Things, on display in Union Square park from now until October 3rd. Part exhibition and part performance piece, Eleven Heavy Things features a series of eleven sculptures - from pedistals to elabroate headdresses and tablets with holes for body parts - that are meant specificially for interaction through viewer participation and photography:

July assumes and invites the picture - these are eleven photo opportunities, in a city where one is always clutching a camera. Though the work begins as sculpture, it become a performance that is only complete when these tourist photos are uploaded onto personal blogs and sent in emails. At this point the audience changes and the participants become the subject of the work.

(Photos courtesy of Opening Ceremony. Via Got A Girl Crush)

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