Tuesday, May 18, 2010

moon rabbit

Moon Rabbit cup

Cup detail

Moon Rabbit plate

Plate detail

Moon Rabbit cups and plates. Image © designboom.

This beautiful collection of black clay tableware, a collaboration by Taiwanese designer Hsiao-Ying Lin and potter Jun-Ching Tang, is the Moon Rabbit cup and plate, an interpretation of the famous Chinese fairytale of the rabbit on the moon that is commemorated each year in Taiwan with moon festival celebrations. The cup features a rabbit sipping water along the vessel's lip while the rabbit's reflection is used to create the dish itself for the plate - two beautifully-executed concepts. Not only is this a gorgeous collaboration, but it was made possible by Yii, an initiative of the Taiwan Craft Research Institute, which pairs artists and designers in an attempt to encourage Taiwanese people to cultivate an appreciation of their country's traditional crafts.

(Via designboom)

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