Wednesday, April 28, 2010

photo stitching

Stables at Caumsett State Park, Lloyd Harbor, NY

Madison Square Park, New York, NY

East River Park, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Under the JMZ, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Sarah in the Glass Studio, Port Washington, NY

Patrick has been playing around with photo stitching a lot these past few weeks. He's been commissioned by his job for a series of large photographs of the old property on which his current office is located, to hang in the brand-new offices that will open in the next few weeks or so. Everyone's looking forward to moving into the beautiful new building, but they'll also be sad to have to leave the site of the old offices, located in an old farmhouse on some beautiful land, and so the photographs that he's taking are going to be a nice way to bridge the two properties. It's pretty nice stuff. The point of all this is that Patrick has been playing around with photo stitching - taking many different pictures of something and then combining them all together to form one large image - A LOT lately. As in, pretty much all the time. While all of the photographs that he's taking for his office are beautiful and smoothly-stitched, the above ones are some of the rougher pieces that he's also put together, just for fun. All of the seams are visible, there are different angles and perspectives, and lots of things don't quite add up (like there being 2 of me in the last picture), but even more so than the perfect-looking examples of photo stitched work that he has also been producing, I love these rough, unevenly-textured photographs most of all.

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