Thursday, March 11, 2010

Abigail Reynolds: The Universal Now

The Armory Show was this past weekend. I was only able to get there for a few hours, which, with as many booths and as much art as was on display, was not nearly enough time, but a lot of fun all the same. I went this year with the goal of simply wandering around with my friends - no taking notes, no writing of a review, just some good-old-fashioned ambling around the fair and soaking up art - but the only down side to this is that, even for the artists whose work I adored, almost everyone's names have totally escaped me. Everyone, that is, except for Abigail Reynolds. These images are from a series called The Universal Now - relief sculptures created with two different found photographs of the same place, taken at different periods in time. As Abigail explains about this series:
The patterns I use to cut the two book pages into one single surface are such that all of both sheets of paper are preserved. If you were to fold all the flaps in or out, the entirety of each image will be seen. The act of folding one image into the other pushes them out into three dimensions in a bulging time ruffle.

I love the the interesting patterns that are created when these images are combined, especially the beautiful bits of color that become interspersed throughout.

All images courtesy of Abigail Reynolds and Seventeen Gallery.

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