Thursday, February 18, 2010


It's pretty safe to say that I love everything that Jill Bliss does. Her drawings are full of beautiful images and patterns, and I love the wide range of products that she's designed. So when I found out that Jill had teamed up with Uncommon to produce iphone covers featuring her illustrations, despite the fact that I don't actually own an iphone, I was still pretty excited. In fact, the whole idea of Uncommon's artist series is fantastic. You get to chose an illustration from one of 29 different artists, play around with your chosen design - make it bigger, smaller, rotate it, move it around, choose the section you like - and then purchase what has now become your own unique iphone skin. In addition to Jill's designs, here are a few others that I really liked. You can view and play around with them all yourself here, on Uncommon's website.

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