Monday, January 4, 2010

Brooks Salzwedel

Tiny Showcase recently had the above print, "Los Angeles Electric Isle," by Brooks Salzwedel, for sale, and I'm really sad that I found out about it too late to purchase one for myself. It did, however, lead me to check out some more of Brooks' work, all of which is equally as wonderful. Brooks works mainly in graphite and resin, with layers of transparent tape built up on the image, and I love the dreamy quality and layered look that he manages to achieve with these materials, as well as the way in which he's used old tins in some of his works. You can find more of Brooks' work on his portfolio site and through Nucleus Gallery.

Look Tower. Graphite, tape and resin. Courtesy of Nucleus Gallery.

Four Towers Plume Tin. Graphite and resin in a tin box. Courtesy of Nucleus Gallery.

Rubble Tower Tin. Graphite, tape and resin. Courtesy of Nucleus Gallery.

Tipping Tower Tin. Graphite, tape and resin in a tin. Courtesy of Nucleus Gallery.

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