Friday, December 18, 2009

Sarah Perlis jewelry and my engagement

Yes folks, you read that correctly, Patrick and I are going to be getting married this summer. I know that this news won't come as a shock to those of you who know me outside of this little blog of mine, especially since we've been engaged for a few months now, but for the rest of the people who happen to wander through here, I figured that it was about time to say something. And just to set the record straight, yes, I was the one who did the asking. Now, this doesn't mean that this blog is going to change in any way, but I will, very occasionally, mention some of the design-based details on here, since that's both what this blog is all about and because those are the things that are the most interesting to me anyway, and I'm starting with starting with today's mention.

Sarah Perlis, the fantastic jewelry designer who made my engagement ring (it's basically the same ring as the last picture - a rosecut, bezel-set diamond - except in white instead of yellow gold. I tried my best to get a picture of the actual ring and failed miserably) and both Patrick's and my wedding band (also white gold), is currently having a 25% holiday sale on absolutely everything in her online store. Incorporating environmentally-friendly details, such as working with recycled gold and responsibly-mined diamonds, Sarah creates truly gorgeous work. And for all of you out there in the New York City area, Sarah is also having an open studio this weekend.

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