Friday, October 30, 2009

Designer of the Month: Droog

Week 5: Some of my favorites
Artifical Bonasi Tree, by Jennifer Chan, 2007. SLA resin. Courtesy of Droog.
The three-dimension lace structure of this artifical tree, made from resin, can easily be trimmed away to create the desired bonsai shape.

Readymade Bookshelf, by NEXT architects, 2003. MDF, leather and gold decoration. Courtesy of Droog.

This bookself comes with a facade of "need-to-have books," which gradually gets replaced with actual books.

Sticky Lamp - 110V, by Chris Kabel, 2002. PVC. Courtesy of Droog.
Plastic packaging, which would normally be discarded, is used as the casing for these lamps, and the self-adhesive fixing allows you to stick it wherever you want.

Lace Fence, by Demakersvan. Available in galvanized iron or PVC coated, both suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Courtesy of Droog.

Definitely the most beautiful fence I've ever seen, it's availabe in 7 different patterns: Original, Blossom, Wallpaper, Drops, Classic, Leaves and Border.

Salad Sunrise XL, by Arnout Visser, 2008. Borosilicate and silicone. Courtesy of Droog.

This vessal makes use of the idea that oil will always float to the top of vinegar, with two separate tubes for each liquid.

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