Monday, September 14, 2009

Who Lives in Greenwich Village?

The Greenwich House Pottery Centennial celebration is officially underway, and with it comes the incredible looking "Who Lives in Greenwich Village?", a ceramic tile installation by Ayumi Horie (who is one of my favorite potters!) and Andy Brayman.

The installation, which draws inspiration from the Manhatta Project, is comprised of 86 unique tiles, each 3/4" thick, representing both city blocks and Washington Square park. Each tile depicts three overlaying maps: an ecological map from 1609 (Manhattan as it was when Henry Hudson made his historic voyage), a street map of Greenwich Village from 1909 (when the studio was founded), and a sampling of fauna that roamed the area in 1609, with a total of twelve ecosystems and twenty-six animals represented. An amazing project from one of the city's great community institutions, you can help keep this installation permanently intact within Greenwich House's main building by sponsoring a tile.

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