Tuesday, September 8, 2009

the recycled house

I love looking through the slide shows that The New York Times has on their website, particularly in the Home and Garden section. These pictures are from an article entitled "One Man's Trash...," about Dan Phillips, who has a construction business in Texas where he builds low-income housing out of salvage. You'd think that these houses would look thrown together, but really, they're remarkably beautiful. I love these images not only because of the inventive way that these items have been reused, but also for the beautiful patterns that they create.

From wine corks that are used to create an inexpensive cork flooring,

to multi-colored wine bottles that create a stained glass effect in a door,

picture frame corners for a ceiling,

scrap wood used as siding,

and shingles that are grouped by color and arranged to create a roof.

(All images courtesy of The New York Times)

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