Thursday, September 17, 2009

Claire Oswalt

I came across the artist Claire Oswalt recently, whose sculptural drawings with paper, graphite, wood, and other mixed media, utilize a muted color-palate to create expressive, movable works. If you're in the Los Angeles area, you can check out her latest exhibition, Peril in Perfection, at the Taylor De Cordoba gallery, through October 31.

Doubled Over. Graphite, paper and wood, 26"x36"13", 2009. Courtesy Claire Oswalt and Taylor De Cordoba Gallery.

Pack of Vesper Girls. Wood, graphite and paper. Courtesy of Claire Oswalt.

Control. Wood, graphite, paper, acrylic, and twine, 65"x49". Courtesy of Claire Oswalt.

Blown Away. Wood, twine, paper, graphite, and acrylic, 29"x24". Courtesy of Claire Oswalt.

Retrocausality and a Self-fufilling Prophecy. Mixed media on paper, 33.5"x38.5", 2008. Courtesy of Claire Oswalt.

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