Monday, July 27, 2009

pots in action

One of my favorite ceramic artists, Ayumi Horie, has an ongoing project that I really like called Pots in Action. A way to document how her pots are being used and interacted with in daily life, all of the photographs come straight from the people who own them. As she explains:

In part, I’m a potter because I see pots as having the incredible privilege of being part of people’s private, everyday lives. Because of this intimacy, we let our guard down around pots, allowing them to convey ideas about aesthetics, function, and social issues. Through repeated use, pots can create habit and be comforting, creating memory for those using the pots. They are objects of service and conduits between people. These pots are independent of me; they are finding their own way and accumulating histories with various people, in various homes, in various places around the world.

I like the different ways that people have chosen to take a picture of their piece "in action," especially the images that don't necessarily show the piece being used for its intended purpose. Here are some of examples of what people have sent in. You can view all of them on Ayumi's website, here.

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