Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Amy Tavern

A designer of gorgeous jewelry, a skilled metalsmith, one of my favorite bloggers (you can check it out here), and a Penland Resident Artist, Amy Tavern is just an all-around, kick-ass kind of girl. Here are some of examples of Amy's many great jewelry designs, some of which are available for purchase on her website, or in her Etsy store:

"thicket," brooch, oxidized sterling silver

"this came a bit later," sterling silver and felt, 2007

Pixie Scallop Necklace from the Steel and Gold collection

Collage Necklace from the Preface collection

Flat Egg Earrings from the Egg and Bean collection

You can also see more of Amy's work on her Flickr site, including images of work in progress, some special projects, and her amazing studio space!

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