Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mystery on Fifth Avenue

Today, I wanted to share some images of an absolutely amazing apartment. The New York Times ran the article Mystery on Fifth Avenue in June 2008, but the ingenuity, effort and interesting story of this apartment have stuck with me this whole time. Basically, this apartment was designed to be one giant puzzle, which I think is such an incredible idea. As the article explains, the architectural designer Eric Clough embedded 18 clues in the Fifth Avenue apartment of the Klinsky-Sherry family, leading them on a scavenger hunt through the rooms of their home. Take a look:

A book with a narrative about a mystery, hidden behind paneling in the front hall.

A poem hidden behind panels in a bedroom.

Decorative leather molding stamped with letters that can be removed to spell out a clue.

Millwork panels in a hallways designed to look like Le Corbusier's Modular Man and da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, with puzzle pieces in one fitting into the other to make a key that opens a door.

Hidden letters in sideboard drawers are used to solve a crossword.

Radiator covers with poems written in code.

How much fun would it be to live in this apartment? To view the entire slideshow with more detailed description about each picture, click here.

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