Monday, May 11, 2009

The Affordable Art Fair

Here's a selection of some of the photographs I took this weekend at the Affordable Art Fair. There were some incredibly talented artists represented, with a lot great work to view. Unfortunately, it was impossible to avoid the glare from the overhead lights on anything that I took a picture of that was framed, so those have been replaced with images by the artist or gallery that represents them (see the captions for their sources).

Gwyneth Scally, Prophet, 2005, gesso and oil on stained wood panel. Courtesy of the artists and GALLERY IMPERATO.

Matthew Kern Untitled (Alex Jack), polaroids and mixed media on canvas. Courtesy of the artist and GALLERY IMPERATO.

Robert Ryan, I Can't Forget, 2006, screen print. Courtesy of TAG Fine Arts and Artnet.

The Little Artists, Hirst Shark Tank, 2008, Legos and Perspex cube. Courtesy of the artists and TAG Fine Arts.

Chris Roberts-Antieau, Misunderstood Monsters, 2009, fabric applique. Courtesy of the artist and Red Truck Gallery.

A sampling of R. Nicholas Kuszyk’s robot paintings. Courtesy of the artist and the McCaig-Welles Gallery.

A flexible mold making demonstration by David Baskin. Courtesy of Modern Art Foundry/Spring Gallery.

I'll have my review of the fair up as soon as the elves over at Gallery Crawl are done editing it. Stay tuned!

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