Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Affordable Art Fair: New York City

So, my review of the Affordable Art Fair is up on the Gallery Crawl website. I've included the first part below, and you can click at the bottom to read the rest.

The Armory Show held no appeal for me this year. Neither did Pulse, or even SCOPE. In fact, the idea of attending another large gallery-driven art show with big-ticket names and even bigger-ticket prices on both the artwork and admission just seemed silly to me. I had read enough about all of the fairs, the Armory Show in particular, and decided that I’d rather spend the price of admission taking myself and a friend to the MoMA for the thousandth time. The Affordable Art Fair, with their slogan of “build your own art empire, banish blank walls: with contemporary art from $100 to $10,000,” was intriguing to me. I have to admit, I had never heard of AAF NYC until a few weeks ago. However, as the name began popping up on some art and design blogs and on the websites of galleries that were participating, always in conjunction with artists whose work I greatly admire (such as Robert Ryan, whose work was amazing to see in person), I decided to take a chance and pay the $15 admission ($5 off with a coupon) to see it for myself.

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