Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tales From Outer Suburbia

I am in love with Shaun Tan's new book Tales From Outer Suburbia. One of my favorite illustrators and children's book authors, I first discovered Tan's work when I stumbled across his book The Red Tree, about 5 years ago. Drawn to the amazingly complex and gorgeous illustrations, I was happy to see another book by Tan, The Arrival, published in 2007 (to much, well deserved acclaim!), and then to see Tales From Outer Suburbia this year. Unlike The Arrival, which is a migration story told through a series of wordless images, Tales From Outer Suburbia is an anthology of fifteen short stories about strange and unusual things that happen in the otherwise familiar setting of suburbia. This beautiful, lovely illustrated book is definitely worth a look, as are Tan's other books.

Aren't these fantastic?
These images are all from Tan's wonderful website, which you can view for yourself here

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