Monday, June 4, 2012

Seung Mo Park

This past weekend was the annual Bushwick Open Studios, and I spent a good part of Saturday wandering through warehouse buildings packed with galleries and studios. With over 500 participants this year spread out over all of Bushwick, it was, of course, impossible to see it all, and I simply wasn't prepared for the size of the event. In fact, I skipped it last year because I hadn't been that excited about any of the work that I saw when I went 2 years ago. I'm so glad that I decided to give it another shot though, because I ended up being surprisingly impressed by how much great work was on display. And after nearly 4 hours of looking at art, my pick of the day was definitely Koren sculptor Seung Mo Park.

Han Hye yeon, 2011. 1600x1510x1880(mm), aluminum wire. fiberglass lifecasting. Courtesy of Seung Mo Park.

 YU HYEON JEONG, 2009. 1400 X 540 X 300(mm), aluminum wire. fiberglass.lifecasting.Courtesy of Seung Mo Park.

Bangasayusang, 2006. 420x490x930mm, aluminum wire. fiberglass.lifecasting. Courtesy of Seung Mo Park.

His aluminum wire sculptures are pretty stunning, but it was his latest series, Maya, created from layered and cut wire mesh, that really blew me away.

Courtesy of Seung Mo Park.

Via Colossal.

I had seen some of these works previously on Colossal, but being that it's difficult to really get a sense the depth achieved through this technique combined with the large scale of these works and the fact that they're even more stunning in person, all made for a pretty incredible studio visit. You can see a video of Seung Mo Park's process below, and more example of the work on his website.

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